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A short paper has been published on Mosquitto in The Journal of Open Source Software. If you use Mosquitto in your academic work, please now use this paper as your citation.

R. A. Light, “Mosquitto: server and client implementation of the MQTT protocol,” The Journal of Open Source Software, vol. 2, no. 13, May 2017, DOI: 10.21105/joss.00265

The paper link is

A bibtex entry is available here.

Thanks to a short discussion on irc, now exists. This is a DNS entry that points to the same address as, but only with an AAAA record. This means that can be used to test clients using IPv6 and to be sure that IPv6 is actually being used.

Seeking sponsorship

The mosquitto project has,  or can get, access to a wide variety of different systems to help with development. One important platform for which this is not true is Mac OS X. There are sufficient differences between Macs and other systems that this makes life difficult.

To this end, I would like to reach out to the mosquitto community to ask for help with obtaining either

  • A remote login on a Mac system
  • Donation of hardware
  • Donation of money to buy some hardware

I have been offered a remote account by a few individuals in the past, for which I’m very grateful, but only on a short term basis and, understandably, with limited control. Something on a longer term, with the ability to install packages would be much more useful. Unfortunately I realise this is relatively difficult to offer.

On the hardware side of things, there isn’t a need for a modern, powerful computer. A second hand Mac Mini of Core2Duo vintage with 1GB RAM and a reasonably modern version of Mac OS X would be quite sufficient, and ideal for me in terms of the space it takes up. Regrettably I feel I would have to turn down offers of an old iMac or Mac Pro.

2007-era Mac Minis go on Ebay UK for around £100. I’m hopeful that there is a company out there using mosquitto, likes Macs and for whom £100 would be a drop in the ocean. If so, or any individuals want to help out with a small donation towards this, please get in touch directly to or head over to the downloads page to see the paypal donation link, and thanks very much in advance.


I have now awaiting delivery of a Mac mini. Thanks very much to all of you that have contributed, it is very much appreciated. If you would still like to support mosquitto development please don’t let this put you off…

New arrival

I’m pleased to say that I’m a new father again. My 7lb 12 (3.57kg) boy arrived today and is quite happy, as is his mother.

Apologies to anybody who has emailed me recently and I’ve not yet replied – this is the main reason!



Recursively watch a directory for modifications and publish file content to an MQTT broker

mqtt-watchdir is a Python program by Jan-Piet Mens  to watch a directory and publish new or modified files in that directory hierarchy to an MQTT broker, using a matching topic. Source and instructions are available at and it is also available via pypi.

It is a similar idea to my mqttfs fuse filesystem, but ultimately implemented in a better (and portable) manner.

The Paho project recently made a new Javascript client available:

The mosquitto Javascript client, mosquitto.js, is neither as functional nor as well written as the Paho client, so is being deprecated. If you are using mosquitto.js I strongly recommend that you look to the Paho client for the future. I will be carrying out minor bug fixes but no other development will take place.

There are no plans to remove the existing files.