Eclipse Mosquitto™ Sticker Generator

This page used to allow you to easily generate a book of stickers to buy from Moo. Unfortunately they have changed their API and no longer seem to support it as a service, so this page doesn't work any more. Happily, if you want to make your own sticker pack it isn't that much more effort. On the Moo site find the sticker book section - for the UK this is here: Now click on "Start Making", choose "Upload a full design", then grab the images from below and upload them.

Don't forget to send us pictures of the stickers in place!

This page allows you to create a book of square stickers to buy from Moo.

Click the logos to choose which to include, then click submit to be taken to the Moo site with a stickerbook ready in your basket. If you choose both logos you will get 45 of each, otherwise you will get 90 of the one you choose.