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Mosquitto on Maemo

Yuvraaj Kelkar got in touch to say he’s packaged up mosquitto and the client libraries for Maemo. If you want to use MQTT on your Maemo device then take a look at the details on

Thanks Yuvraaj!

Mosquitto for Slackware

Chris Willing of the University of Queensland has very kindly put together some mosquitto packages for Slackware 13.0 and 13.1 as well as instruction on how to build your own packages.

The packages and instructions are here: I’ve also put the link on the downloads page.

Thanks Chris!

Distro packaging

Starting with version 0.9, I plan on getting mosquitto packaged in the major Linux distributions. By this I mean Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and Ubuntu.  This is my understanding of the current state of play of those distributions. Feel free to correct me!

  • Debian is currently in freeze for the Squeeze release. Mosquitto will have to go into Squeeze+1, although it can still be uploaded to Unstable.
  • Fedora 14 has just been released, Fedora 15 will have feature freeze on the 8th of February.
  • openSUSE 11.4 will have feature freeze at the start of December.
  • Ubuntu 11.04 has its Debian import freeze on the 30th of December and feature freeze on 24th of February.

The plan is therefore to release 0.9 around the 14th of November and aim to be packaged for Debian unstable before 30th of December and openSUSE before the start of December, with packaging for Fedora 15 coming at some point later. If packaging for Debian unstable isn’t possible before the Ubuntu import freeze, then package for Ubuntu separately.

If you can help out with the packaging process for any of the above, I’d love to hear from you. If your distribution isn’t included and you’d like it to be, get in touch as well and we’ll see what’s possible.

Finally, this won’t stop me producing Ubuntu PPA or openSUSE build service packaged binaries for those that prefer to stay at the cutting edge.

Debian packages

I’ve created some packages for Debian on i386 and amd64. They can be found at They are almost identical to the Ubuntu packages (Debian doesn’t use upstart, so there is a different init script), but compiled against Debian testing (Squeeze) instead. This is because Debian 5 (Lenny) doesn’t include a recent enough version of sqlite3.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the packages.

Version 0.8.1 released

This is a minor release. The primary reason for it is the amount of interest in the Python interface to libmosquitto. This release tidies up the Python interface considerably (it is now more “Pythonic” and easier to use), and significantly, brings the promised packages.

This release also provides a few fixes, including to the packaging and installation scripts. Unfortunately, it does also include a known bug that was fixed prior to release, but accidentally left unmerged. This affects mosquitto_pub client when using the -l option (publish line by line input from stdin), causing it to exhibit high cpu load. I’ll make a new bug fix release in a few days with this and any other fixes that come up.

This release also provides improved packaging options. All of the available options are now packaged for Ubuntu, including the libmosquitto0-python package. Because there are now multiple packages, it is possible to provide some mosquitto functionality on distributions where the version of sqlite3 is too old. The packages available on these systems are listed as “clients only”:

  • Fedora 12, 13 (full support)
  • openSUSE 11.3 (full support)
  • openSUSE 11.1, 11.2 (clients only)
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 (clients only)
  • CentOS 5 (clients only)

Details are available on the downloads page. Please note that some distributions have different naming schemes, so the Python module can be called both python-mosquitto and libmosquitto0-mosquitto for example.

Mosquitto on openSUSE 11.3

The upcoming release of openSUSE, version 11.3, includes extension support for sqlite3 which means it now has everything required for mosquitto.

I’ve created packages for this new version of openSUSE and details can be found on the download page. You just need to wait three days until the release of 11.3!

Gentoo ebuilds available

Thanks to Neil Bothwick, there are now some Gentoo ebuilds available for mosquitto and sqlite3-pcre. You can grab them from the links below – hopefully they’ll be integrated in the near future.

Fedora packages available

Thanks to help from Chris Procter, there are now rpm packages available for Fedora Linux. As these are the first rpm packages, there may be problems so please report back if you find any.

There are details on where to get the packages on the download page.

Users of other rpm based distributions are currently out of luck – the versions of sqlite that they provide are typically either too old or else don’t have support for some required features compiled in.

Thanks to everybody else who got in touch about rpms as well!

I’m currently working on the finishing touches of mosquitto 0.6 and will hopefully be releasing it some time this week in time for oggcamp. Mosquitto is pretty usable now so I’m keen on making it as easy as possible for people to get and use. The ultimate goal is of course to get it into the major Linux distros so it appears in the normal package repositories. Until then, other solutions are possible. I can provide Windows executables and have a PPA to support Ubuntu Linux users, but don’t have anything for rpm based distros.

Can you help? I’m quite happy using the opensuse build service to build and host the final packages, but the creation of the rpm build script isn’t something I know how to do at the moment. Given the amount of time I’ve spent on the Debian style packaging, I thought I’d ask for help with rpms! :)

If you’ve got familiarity with rpm and would like to help, please get in touch. If you aren’t familiar with creating rpms but want a reason to learn, that would suit me fine as well.

Thanks in advance!