Mosquitto 0.9, which I hope to release mid November, represents the most significant change to mosquitto to date - the removal of sqlite as an absolute dependency. In addition, this removes the dependency on the sqlite3-pcre extension and on pcre. This gives a definite performance improvement, reduces the amount of object code that needs loading by around 95%, reduces memory usage and also makes it lots easier to compile on more unusual systems.

It's quite a substantial change though, so I've made a test release to hopefully get some external testing. If you could give it a try and report back that'd be great. The source is at (use the highest numbered version available). There are also Ubuntu packages available at the mosquitto-expt ppa and binaries for Fedora, Mandriva,  SLES and openSUSE at the openSUSE build service. If you'd like binaries for other systems, please get in touch.

Note that this is a test release, not a release candidate - there are definitely things that still need changing. The following list shows the points I'm currently aware of:

  • Old style sqlite will be imported when the option is compiled in (enabled by default). This import currently only imports retained messages and durable subscriptions, but not queued messages.
  • The max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages config options are ignored and no maximum is applied.
  • The CMake compilation scripts aren't updated.


I've uploaded test3 with a python fix, updated CMake scripts and fixed max_inflight_messages and max_queued_mesages.