This is an update with some fairly minor changes and some bug fixes. I had planned on more exciting features but my time has been occupied getting ready for the 25th, when I'm getting married. Those changes will just have to wait until 0.12!

  • Removed all old sqlite code.
  • Remove client id limit in clients.
  • Implemented $SYS/broker/heap/maximum size
  • Implemented $SYS/broker/clients/inactive to show the number of disconnected non-clean session clients.
  • $SYS/broker/heap/current size and maximum size messages now include "bytes" to match rsmb message format.
  • Implemented the retained_persistence config file option - a synonym of the persistence option.
  • Added security_external.c to broker source to make it easier for third parties to add support for their existing username/password and ACL database for security checks. See external_security_checks.txt.
  • $SYS messages are now only republished when their value changes.
  • Windows native broker now responds to command line arguments.
  • Simplify client disconnecting so wills gets sent in all cases (bug #792468).
  • Clients now have a --quiet option.
  • The on_disconnect() callback will always be called now, even if the client has disconnected unexpectedly.
  • Always close persistent DB file after restoring.
  • Return error code when exiting the clients.
  • mosquitto_publish() now returns MOSQ_ERR_INVAL if the topic contains + or #
  • mosquitto now silently rejects published messages with + or # in the topic.
  • max_connections is now a per-listener setting instead of global.
  • Connection count is now reduced when clients disconnect (bug #797983).

Thanks to Sebastian Kroll and Karl Palsson.