This is an update with some features and and bug fixes. The most significant change is configuration reloading support. This will be improved to include bridge reloading in the future.

  • Reload (most) configuration on SIGHUP.
  • Memory tracking is no longer compiled in the client library.
  • Add --help option to mosquitto to display usage.
  • Add --id-prefix option to clients to allow easier use with brokers that are using the clientid_prefix option.
  • Fix compilation on QNX.
  • Add -P as a synonym argument for --pw in the clients.
  • Fix python MosquittoMessage payload parameter. This is now returned as a pointer to an array of c_uint8 values so binary data is handled correctly. If a string is needed, use msg.payload_str
  • Fix memory leaks on client authentication.
  • If password_file is not defined then clients can now connect even if they¬† use a username/password.
  • Add mosquitto_reconnect() to the client library.
  • Add option for compiling with liberal protocol compliance support (enabled by default).
  • Fix problems with clients reconnecting and old messages remaining in the message store.
  • Display both ip and client id in the log message when a client connects.
  • Change the socket connection message to make it more obvious that it is just a socket connection being made (bug #801135).
  • Fix retained message delivery where a subscription contains a +.
  • Be more lenient when reloading persistent database to reduce errors with empty retained messages.


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