This is a fairly minor feature release. The major changes are the pattern matching ACL support, the support for running directly as a Windows service and the change to the network code to attempt to send packets immediately. The Windows binary is now supplied as an installer rather than a zip file.

  • Add support for matching ACLs based on client id and username.
  • Add a Windows installer file (NSIS based).
  • Add native support for running the broker as a Windows service. This is the default when installed using the new installer.
  • Fix client count for listeners. When clients disconnect, decrement the count. Allow max_connections to work again.
  • Attempt to send all packets immediately upon being queued. This will result in more immediate network communication in many cases.
  • Log IP address when reporting CONNACK packets if the client id isn't yet known.
  • Fix payload length calculation in python will_set function.
  • Fix Python publish and will_set functions for payload=None.
  • Fix keepalive value being lost when reconnecting a client (bug #880863).
  • Persistence file writing now uses portable file functions, so the Cygwin broker build should no longer be necessary.
  • Duplicate code between the client and broker side has been reduced.
  • Queued messages for clients reconnecting with clean_session=false set were not being sent until the next message for that client was received. This has been fixed (bug #890724).
  • Fix subscriptions to # incorrectly matching against topics beginning with /


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