This is a (long overdue) feature release.

There is a potential gotcha when upgrading to this release because the default version of TLS used has changed from 1.0 to 1.2. Python does not yet have support for TLS>1.0 so Python clients will be unable to communicate with brokers using the default TLS settings.

The source is available at the download page and binaries will become available in the near future.


  • Replace O(n) username lookup on CONNECT with a roughly O(1) hashtable version.
  • It is now possible to disable $SYS at compile time.
  • Add dropped publish messages to load tree in $SYS. Closes bug #1183318.
  • Add support for logging SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE events.
  • Add log_dest file logging support.
  • Auth plugin ACL check function now passes the client id as well as username and password.
  • The queue_qos0_messages option wasn't working correctly, this has now been fixed. Closes bug #1125200.
  • Don't drop all messages for disconnected durable clients when max_queued_messages=0.
  • Add support for log_type all.
  • Add support for -v option on the command line to provide the equivalent of log_type all without needing a config file.
  • Add the upgrade_outgoing_qos option, a non-standard feature.
  • Persistence data is now written to a temporary file which is atomically renamed on completion, so a crash during writing will not produce a corrupt file.
  • mosquitto.conf is now installed as mosquitto.conf.example
  • Configuration file errors are now reported with filename and line number.
  • The broker now uses a monotonic clock if available, to avoid changes in time causing client disconnections or message retries.
  • Clean session and keepalive status are now display the log when a client connects.
  • Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1.
  • Clients that connect with zero length will topics are now rejected.
  • Add the ability to set a maximum allowed PUBLISH payload size.
  • Fix an ACL with topic # incorrectly granting access to $SYS.
  • Fix retained messages incorrectly being set on wildcard topics, leading to duplicate retained messages being sent on subscription. Closes bug #1116233.
  • Don't discard listener values when no "port" option given. Closes bug #1131406.
  • Client password check was always failing when security was being reapplied after a config reload. This meant that all clients were being disconnected. This has been fixed.
  • Fix build when WITH_TLS=no. Closes bug #1174971.
  • Fix single outgoing packets not being sent in a timely fashion if they were not sent in one call to write(). Closes bug #1176796.
  • Fix remapping of messages for clients connected to a listener with mount_point set. Closes bug #1180765.
  • Fix duplicate retained messages being sent for some wildcard patterns.
  • If a client connects with a will topic to which they do not have write access, they are now disconnected with CONNACK "not authorised".
  • Fix retained messages on topic foo being incorrectly delivered to subscriptions of /#
  • Fix handling of SSL errors on SSL_accept().
  • Fix handling of QoS 2 messages on client reconnect.
  • Drop privileges now sets supplementary groups correctly.
  • Fix load reporting interval (is now 60s).
  • Be strict with malformed PUBLISH packets - clients are now disconnected rather than the packet discarded. This goes inline with future OASIS spec changes and makes other changes more straightforward.
  • Process incoming messages denied by ACL properly so that clients don't keep resending them.
  • Add support for round_robin bridge option.
  • Add bridge support for verifying remote server certificate subject against the remote hostname.
  • Fix problem with out of order calls to free() when restarting a lazy bridge.
  • The broker now attempts to resolve bind_address and bridge addresses immediately when parsing the config file in order to detect invalid hosts.
  • Bridges now set their notification state before attempting to connect, so if they fail to connect the state can still be seen.
  • Fix bridge notification payload length - no need to send a null byte.
  • mosquitto_passwd utility now reports errors more clearly.
  • Fix mosquitto_passwd -U.

Client library

  • Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1, except for on the Python module.
  • Add support for verifying remote server certificate subject against the remote hostname.
  • Add mosquitto_reconnect_async() support and make asynchronous connections truely asynchronous rather than simply deferred. DNS lookups are still blocking, so asynchronous connections require an IP address instead of hostname.
  • Allow control of reconnection timeouts in mosquitto_loop_forever() and after mosquitto_loop_start() by using mosquitto_reconnect_delay_set().
  • Fix building on Android NDK.
  • Re-raise unhandled errors in Python so as not to provide confusing error messages later on.
  • Python module supports IPv6 connections.
  • mosquitto_sub_topic_tokenise() was behaving incorrectly if the last topic hierarchy had only a single character. This has been fixed. Closes bug #1163348.
  • Fix possible crash after disconnects when using the threaded interface with TLS.
  • Allow build/install without Python. Closes bug #1174972.
  • Add support for binding connection to a local interface.
  • Implement maximum inflight messages handling.
  • Fix Python client not handling will_payload==None.
  • Fix potential memory leak when setting username/password.
  • Fix handling of QoS 2 messages on reconnect.
  • Improve handling of mosquitto_disconnect() with threaded mode.


  • Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1.
  • Sub client can now suppress printing of messages with the retain bit set.
  • Add support for binding connection to a local interface.
  • Implement maximum inflight messages handling for the pub client.


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