This is a bugfix release.


  • The broker no longer ignores the auth_plugin_init() return value. Closes bug #1215084.
  • Use RTLD_GLOBAL when opening authentication plugins on posix systems. Fixes resolving of symbols in libraries used by authentication plugins.
  • Add/fix some config documentation.
  • Fix ACLs for topics with $SYS.
  • Clients loaded from the persistence file on startup were not being added to the client hash, causing subtle problems when the client reconnected, including ACLs failing. This has been fixed.
  • Add note to mosquitto-tls man page stating that certificates need to be unique. Closes bug #1221285.
  • Fix incorrect retained message delivery when using wildcard subs in some circumstances. Fixes bug #1226040.

Client library

  • Fix support for Python 2.6, 3.0, 3.1.
  • Fix TLS subjectAltName verification and segfaults.
  • Handle EAGAIN in Python on Windows. Closes bug #1220004.
  • Fix compilation when using WITH_TLS=no.
  • Don't fail reconnecting in Python when broker is temporarily unavailable.