This is a bugfix release.


  • Fix incorrect bridge notification on initial connection. Closes #467096.
  • Build fixes for OpenBSD.
  • Fix incorrect behaviour for autosave_interval, most noticable for autosave_interval=1. Closes #465438.
  • Fix handling of outgoing QoS>0 messages for bridges that could not be sent because the bridge connection was down.
  • Free unused topic tree elements. Closes #468987.
  • Fix some potential memory leaks. Closes #470253.
  • Fix potential crash on libwebsockets error.

Client library

  • Add missing error strings to mosquitto_strerror.
  • Handle fragmented TLS packets without a delay. Closes #470660.
  • Fix incorrect loop timeout being chosen when using threaded interface and keepalive = 0. Closes #471334.
  • Increment inflight messages count correctly. Closes #474935.


  • Report error string on connection failure rather than error code.