I am pleased to announce that I am being paid to work on Mosquitto by Cedalo AG. I will be leaving my current job at the end of June this year, but have already started work for Cedalo on a limited basis.

The press release for this change is below:

New 1.5 release, MQTT 5.0 roadmap and commercial sponsor for Open-Source Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT Broker

Open-Source MQTT Broker Version 1.5 released – Estimate for availability of MQTT 5.0 compliant version – German based Cedalo AG becomes commercial sponsor for future Mosquitto Open Source development

A new version of the open source Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT broker is available on the Mosquitto website at mosquitto.org. Mosquitto version 1.5 brings a host of changes to the broker, including performance improvements and more flexible authentication and access control, as well as numerous bug fixes. The client library has added some helper functions to allow the creation of extremely simple MQTT clients.

The initiator and core developer of the Mosquitto project is now employed by the German based company Cedalo AG (www.cedalo.com). Cedalo has hired Roger Light to sponsor the further development of Mosquitto and to accelerate the public availability of a powerful MQTT broker. Cedalo is the creator of the end-user oriented IoT modelling tool “Streamsheets”.

With the new sponsorship the project is now able to accelerate the path towards new releases. The next version of Mosquitto will add support for MQTT version 5, which is the most substantial revision of the protocol since the first public specification was released. MQTT v5 adds error reporting, enhancements for scalability at the server side, features to help resource constrained clients, and extensible metadata - which is used amongst other things to introduce support for a request/response capability.

The MQTT v5 compliant release is planned for the end of August 2018.

Press Contact: Cedalo AG 79098 Freiburg, Schnewlinstr. 6

Kristian Raue Mail: presse@cedalo.com