The Mosquitto project is sponsored by Cedalo. This week, Cedalo open sourced its core project, Streamsheets, which has Mosquitto as a key part. Streamsheets are real-time web based spreadsheets that can take input from a variety of data sources, process the data, and provide an output.

They are designed to allow non-programmers to build applications in IoT, industrial, or hobbiest environments, reading data from machines, sensors, APIs, and more.

Connectivity includes MQTT, OPC-UA, REST, file, and others.

If you need a front end for Mosquitto or other communication protocol, it would be worth looking at.

streamsheets screenshot

Some examples:

  • Create dynamic charts and dashboards to visualize your processes
  • Build real-time apps for condition monitoring and alerting
  • Merge data streams from different sources to calculate KPIs and enrich your data
  • Map protocols and change data structures to connect your resources
  • Model simple as well as complex control logic to orchestrate your processes