Mosquitto 1.6.10 has been released, this is a bugfix release.


  • Report invalid bridge prefix+pattern combinations at config parsing time rather than letting the bridge fail later. Issue #1635.
  • Fix mosquitto_passwd -b not updating passwords for existing users correctly. Creating a new user with -b worked without problem. Closes #1664.
  • Fix memory leak when connecting clients rejected.
  • Don't disconnect clients that are already disconnected. This prevents the session expiry being extended on SIGHUP. Closes #1521.
  • Fix support for openssl 3.0.
  • Fix check when loading persistence file of a different version than the native version. Closes #1684.
  • Fix possible assert crash associated with bridge reconnecting when compiled without epoll support. Closes #1700.

Client library

  • Don't treat an unexpected PUBACK, PUBREL, or PUBCOMP as a fatal error. Issue #1629.
  • Fix support for openssl 3.0.
  • Fix memory leaks from multiple calls to mosquitto_lib_init()/mosquitto_lib_cleanup(). Closes #1691.
  • Fix documentation on return code of mosquitto_lib_init() for Windows. Closes #1690.


  • Fix mosquitto_sub %j or %J not working on Windows. Closes #1674.


  • Various fixes for building with below C99 support. Closes #1622.
  • Fix use of sed on BSD. Closes #1614.