Version 2.0.3 of Mosquitto has been released. This is a bugfix release.


  • Running mosquitto_passwd with the following arguments only mosquitto_passwd -b password_file username password would cause the username to be used as the password.


  • Fix excessive CPU use on non-Linux systems when the open file limit is set high. Closes #1947.
  • Fix LWT not being sent on client takeover when the existing session wasn't being continued. Closes #1946.
  • Fix bridges possibly not completing connections when WITH_ADNS is in use. Closes #1960.
  • Fix QoS 0 messages not being delivered if max_queued_messages was set to 0. Closes #1956.
  • Fix local bridges being disconnected on SIGHUP. Closes #1942.
  • Fix slow initial bridge connections for WITH_ADNS=no.


  • Fix mosquitto_sub being unable to terminate with Ctrl-C if a successful connection is not made. Closes #1957.


  • Fix mosquitto_passwd -b using username as password (not if -c is also used). Closes #1949.


  • Fix install target when using WITH_CJSON=no. Closes #1938.
  • Fix generic docker build. Closes #1945.