Version 2.0.6 of Mosquitto has been released. This is a bugfix release.


  • Fix calculation of remaining length parameter for websockets clients that send fragmented packets. Closes #1974.
  • Fix potential duplicate Will messages being sent when a will delay interval has been set.
  • Fix message expiry interval property not being honoured in mosquitto_broker_publish and mosquitto_broker_publish_copy.
  • Fix websockets listeners with TLS not responding. Closes #2020.
  • Add notes that libsystemd-dev or similar is needed if building with systemd support. Closes #2019.
  • Improve logging in obscure cases when a client disconnects. Closes #2017.
  • Fix reloading of listeners where multiple listeners have been defined with the same port but different bind addresses. Closes #2029.
  • Fix message_size_limit not applying to the Will payload. Closes #2022.
  • The error topic-alias-invalid was being sent if an MQTT v5 client published a message with empty topic and topic alias set, but the topic alias hadn't already been configured on the broker. This has been fixed to send a protocol error, as per section 3.3.4 of the specification.
  • Note in the man pages that SIGHUP reloads TLS certificates. Closes #2037.
  • Fix bridges not always connecting on Windows. Closes #2043.


  • Allow command line arguments to override config file options in mosquitto_ctrl. Closes #2010.
  • mosquitto_ctrl: produce an error when requesting a new password if both attempts do not match. Closes #2011.


  • Fix cmake builds using WITH_CJSON=no not working if cJSON not found. Closes #2026.


  • The SPDX identifiers for EDL-1.0 have been changed to BSD-3-Clause as per The Eclipse legal documentation generator. The licenses are identical.