Version 2.0.8 of Mosquitto has been released. This is a bugfix release.


  • Fix incorrect datatypes in struct mosquitto_evt_tick. This changes the size and offset of two of the members of this struct, and changes the size of the struct. This is an ABI break, but is considered to be acceptable because plugins should never be allocating their own instance of this struct, and currently none of the struct members are used for anything, so a plugin should not be accessing them. It would also be safe to read/write from the existing struct parameters.
  • Give compile time warning if libwebsockets compiled without external poll support. Closes #2060.
  • Fix memory tracking not being available on FreeBSD or macOS. Closes #2096.

Client library

  • Fix mosquitto_{pub|sub}_topic_check() functions not returning MOSQ_ERR_INVAL on topic == NULL.


  • Fix possible loss of data in mosquitto_pub -l when sending multiple long lines. Closes #2078.


  • Provide a mechanism for Docker users to run a broker that doesn't use authentication, without having to provide their own configuration file. Closes #2040.