Version 2.0.13 of Mosquitto has been released. This is a bugfix release.


  • Fix max_keepalive option not being able to be set to 0.
  • Fix LWT messages not being delivered if per_listener_settings was set to true. Closes #2314.
  • Various fixes around inflight quota management. Closes #2306.
  • Fix problem parsing config files with Windows line endings. Closes #2297.
  • Don't send retained messages when a shared subscription is made.
  • Fix log being truncated in Windows.
  • Fix client id not showing in log on failed connections, where possible.
  • Fix broker sending duplicate CONNACK on failed MQTT v5 reauthentication. Closes #2339.
  • Fix mosquitto_plugin.h not including mosquitto_broker.h. Closes #2350.

Client library

  • Initialise sockpairR/W to invalid in mosquitto_reinitialise() to avoid closing invalid sockets in mosquitto_destroy() on error. Closes #2326.


  • Fix date format in mosquitto_sub output. Closes #2353.