I'm currently working on the finishing touches of mosquitto 0.6 and will hopefully be releasing it some time this week in time for oggcamp. Mosquitto is pretty usable now so I'm keen on making it as easy as possible for people to get and use. The ultimate goal is of course to get it into the major Linux distros so it appears in the normal package repositories. Until then, other solutions are possible. I can provide Windows executables and have a PPA to support Ubuntu Linux users, but don't have anything for rpm based distros.

Can you help? I'm quite happy using the opensuse build service to build and host the final packages, but the creation of the rpm build script isn't something I know how to do at the moment. Given the amount of time I've spent on the Debian style packaging, I thought I'd ask for help with rpms! :)

If you've got familiarity with rpm and would like to help, please get in touch. If you aren't familiar with creating rpms but want a reason to learn, that would suit me fine as well.

Thanks in advance!