This is a new features release. It offers quite a bit of change over the previous version. More details of the new features can be found in the man pages.

The substantial changes are:

  • Basic support for connecting multiple MQTT brokers together (bridging).
  • mosquitto_sub can now subscribe to multiple topics (limited to a global QoS).
  • mosquitto_pub can now send a file as a message.
  • mosquitto_pub can now read all of stdin and send it as a message.
  • mosquitto_pub can now read stdin and send each line as a message.
  • Implement a more efficient database design, so that only one copy of each message is held in the database, rather than one per subscribed client.
  • Add support for automatic upgrading of the mosquitto DB from v1 to v2.
  • If a retained message is received with a zero length payload, the retained message for that topic is deleted.
  • Implement the max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages features in the broker.

The less visible features and bug fixes are as follows:

  • Add support for disabling clean session for the sub client.
  • mosquitto will now correctly run VACUUM on the persistent database on exit.
  • Add the store_cleanup_interval config option for dealing with the internal message store.
  • Add persistence_file config option to allow changing the filename of the persistence database. This allows multiple mosquitto DBs to be stored in the same location whilst keeping persistence_location compatible with rsmb.
  • Don't store QoS=0 messages for disconnected clients. Fixes bug #572608. This wasn't correctly fixed in version 0.5.
  • Don't disconnect clients if they send a PUBLISH with zero length payload (bug #573610).
  • Send through zero length messages.
  • Produce a warning on unsupported rsmb options instead of quitting.
  • Describe clean session flag in the mqtt man page.

Get it from the download page. Windows and Ubuntu binaries will follow along shortly.