This release brings the new MQTT v3.1 features to the broker - client authentication and topic access control. See mosquitto.conf(5) or the included example password and ACL files.

  • Implement support for the password_file option and accompanying authentication requirements in the broker.
  • Implement topic Access Control Lists.
  • mosquitto_will_set() and mosquitto_publish() now return MOSQ_ERR_PAYLOAD_SIZE if the payload is too large (>268,435,455 bytes).
  • Bridge support can now be disabled at compile time.
  • Group together network writes for outgoing packets - don't send single byte writes!
  • Add support for clientid_prefixes variable.
  • Add support for the clientid config variable for controlling bridge client ids.
  • Remove 32-bit database ID support because htobe64() no longer used.
  • Multiple client subscriptions to the same topic result in only a single subscription. Bug #744077.

Please see the download page.

Thanks to Adam Rudd, Joshua Lock,  Sang Kyeong Nam and Yuvraaj Kelkar.