To celebrate the news that the IBM Java MQTT client implementation will be released as open source, I've put together a simple Android example based on the MQTT service code written by Dale Lane. I'm a beginner at both Java and Android, so expect it to be a bit rough.

The example displays incoming payload text on a text label. It's a complete project that you can build and install on your phone with only a few small changes - search for "CHANGE ME" in src/org/mosquitto/android/mqtt/

To get the project working, assuming you've already installed the android sdk, first get the IBM Java library (see and put it in <project dir>/lib then do the following:

android update project -p &lt;path to project&gt;
# If the update complains about build.xml - delete it and run again
cd &lt;path to project&gt;
ant debug
sudo adb start-server
ant installd

I'll not be at all surprised if there are problems in the project due to different sdk or tool versions. Please comment if you find a problem.

The project is available from Until the IBM Java implementation is open source please be aware of the licence attached to it.

Thanks to Dale for the core Android MQTT service implementation.