The web is currently buzzing with the announcement yesterday that IBM and Eurotech are donating MQTT to the Eclipse Foundation. One part of this is the new Machine to Machine Working Group, again part of Eclipse. Another much more significant part has been released as part of a new Eclipse open source project Paho, which is in the proposal stage.

The exciting part is the "Initial contributions" section which states "The initial code contribution to Paho will include  Java and C client-side implementations the MQTT protocol, contributed by IBM. "

It looks like the code will be licensed under the EPL (Eclipse Public License). This is particularly exciting because there is currently no solid freely available and usable implementation of MQTT in Java.

Well done everyone at IBM for making this happen. Roll on the end of November!


This post on explains what the various announcements mean more clearly:

Update 2:

Andy Piper's blog post covers things even better, along with clearing up some of the confusions from the news releases: