Thanks to a data feed courtesy of an IBM broker, now publishes information on energy generation and demand in the UK (in the energy/ topic tree). I think this could be used as a great demonstration for coupling MQTT and the web.

The challenge

Create a web based report that takes energy data from the broker over MQTT and displays it in interesting and useful ways. Alternatively, an Android/iPhone app would be ok, but web based is the preferred option.

The rules

There are no rules really. Having said that, I'd be most pleased if the end result was something that other people could learn from. There are bonus points for solutions that work where a web proxy is the only internet access. If you want to use new or unusual technologies that's fine.

The prize

I'm afraid there is no tangible prize - I hope you'll be content with your work being shown here and the respect of your peers.

Some suggestions

Google charts is definitely worth looking at for generating the actual graphs. Some examples of what you might show are:

  • Pie chart of generation source
  • Gauge of current mains frequency
  • Historical graph of electricity export amount

I look forward to any and all responses!