This is a feature and bugfix release.

  • Implement "once" and "lazy" bridge start types.
  • Add support for $SYS/broker/clients/maximum and $SYS/broker/clients/active topics.
  • Add support for $SYS messages/byte per second received/sent topics.
  • Updated mosquitto man page - $SYS hierarchy and signal support were out of date.
  • Auto generated pub/sub client ids now include the hostname.
  • Tool for dumping persistent DB contents is available in src/db_dump. It isn't installed by default.
  • Enforce topic length checks in client library.
  • Add new return type MOSQ_ERR_ERRNO to indicate that the errno variable should be checked for the real error code.
  • Add support for connection_messages config option.
  • mosquitto_sub will now refuse to run if the -c option (disable clean session) is given and no client id is provided.
  • mosquitto_pub now gives more useful error messages on invalid input or other error conditions.
  • Fix Python will_set() true/True typo.
  • Fix messages to topic a/b incorrectly matching on a subscription a if another subscription a/# exists.


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