This is a bugfix release.


  • Fix bridge prefixes only working for the first outgoing message. Closes #464437.
  • Fix incorrect bridge connection notifications on local broker.
  • Fix persistent db writing on Windows. Closes #464779.
  • ACLs are now checked before sending a will message.
  • Fix possible crash when using bridges on Windows. Closes #465384.
  • Fix parsing of auth_opt_ arguments with extra spaces/tabs.
  • Broker will return CONNACK rc=5 when a username/password is not authorised. This was being incorrectly set as rc=4.
  • Fix handling of payload lengths>4096 with websockets.

Client library

  • Inflight message count wasn't being decreased for outgoing messages using QoS 2, meaning that only up to 20 QoS 2 messages could be sent. This has been fixed. Closes #464436.
  • Fix CMake dependencies for C++ wrapper building. Closes #463884.
  • Fix possibility of select() being called with a socket that is >FD_SETSIZE. This is a fix for #464632.
  • Fix calls to mosquitto_connect*_async() not completing.