To celebrate the new mosquitto logo, stickers are now available:


If you would like to obtain some stickers for yourself you have two options.

The first is to get in touch and I'll send you some for a small contribution. This contribution is to cover the cost of the stickers plus postage: (cost of postage)+N*£0.45, where N is the number of sheets of 6 stickers that you want. Cost of postage for a letter can be calculated using the Royal Mail price finder, but should be £1.05 for destinations outside of the UK. Please also consider Paypal fees using a fees calculator to calculate the final sum. So for a single sheet of stickers posted internationally, the cost would be £1.76 including paypal fees. Two sheets would be £2.23.

The second option is to buy a full sticker book through This can be done very easily by navigating to This allows you to easily order a sticker book of 90 stickers with either the colour or blue monochrome stickers, or a mix of both.

There is a third option - get in touch to say why you deserve some stickers and maybe we'll send you some. We're looking for things that make us say "wow!" If you will be sending your sticker to space, getting mosquitto on television or using MQTT in your Formula 1 technology, these are all things that would exciting to see with a mosquitto sticker in place. If you want to give out stickers at a local IoT related event or similar that's great, but we'd ask that you make a small donation. It's only a small cost for you, but there are many people in your situation and it becomes a noticeable cost for the project.

Please do post links of your kit sporting any stickers you use!